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Branding and Google Trends: Software companies’ names, the metaverse and virtual reality.

For users to develop their possible applications in immersive technologies (virtual reality, augmented reality or mixed reality), they generally search the internet for companies that can demonstrate their ability to make these applications effectively and a good quality. For this reason, the branding of a software company plays a fundamental role in attracting potential clients. The credibility of the company name can be more easily determined by referring to previous user experiences, while another marketing mechanism is the company name’s appearance in blogs or website reports. Users typically assume that there is a correlation between the prominence of the company/brand name and the positively of user reviews and the quality of these applications for virtual reality or the metaverse. However, lack of research studies have been performed to directly determine if the name of a software company has any relationship to branding impact and the global trends on search engines.



The growth of interactive media has changed the branding game, with one of its leading players being Google: Google search data provides insights into patterns of B2B consumers, while Google Trends can help any researcher gain insights into when and how often a particular word or term has been searched for using the Google search engine. This paper explores the extent to which Google Trends can yield information about how software companies can brand internationally. We analyzed 25 software companies’ names to identify their geographic location impact, and we classified the top 10 software company names according to the level of search popularity on Google Trends. Moreover, we explored words and terms related to the topics of “software company”, “metaverse” and “virtual reality” that were commonly searched for on Google. Mixed methods were employed in this study. This study aims to contribute to this growing area of research of Google Trends, marketing, and branding in and by software companies, as well as their possible market strategies for virtual reality and metaverse applications.



Collaboration Researchers


Ph.D St.  Alexandra Sierra

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